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Invitation to a research seminar on
“Employee relations and representation in small and medium
enterprises (SMEs) in Japan”

Speaker:  Prof.  Tsukasa MATSUURA
Chuo University,  Tokyo

Date: February 3, 2018 (Saturday) 1:30 to 4:00 pm
Venue: Isabelo delos Reyes Auditorium
Organized by IR-299 — Research Methods in IR  (Prof. M.S.V. Amante)

  1. In small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Japan, there are significant differences on the effects of employee representations between family firms and non-family firms.
  2. Managers from non-family firms have a more favorable response towards unions as organizations than managers from family firms.  Managers from family firms tend to regard unions as harmful to their management, because unions may bring in outsiders, to the detriment of the management.
  3. Voice-oriented employee associations tend to exist more in non-family firms than in family ones.
  4. These associations have a voice effect suppressing turnover rates in non-family firms, though not in family ones.

Dr. Matsuura

Speaker’s profile

Dr. Tsukasa MATSUURA is an Associate Professor at Chuo University in Tokyo, Japan.  He is a visiting researcher at the University of the Philippines, School of Economics (UPSE).   He received his Ph.D. in Applied Economics from Kyoto University in 2011. His recent research is on household economics such as child caring, life-satisfaction, and gender inequality.

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