Faculty and Visiting Scholars
Dr. Amante

Dr. Maragtas S.V. Amante
Ph.D. (Keio University, Tokyo, 1993)


Wages; compensation; labor policy; labor economics; political economy; research; ASEAN industrial relations; Philippine seafarers
Atty. Aragon
Atty. Rosalio A. Aragon, Jr.
Assistant Professor
Labor Law; :Labor Relations; Arbitration; Collective Bargaining; Conflict Resolution
Dr. Asuncion

Dr. Ronahlee A. Asuncion
Associate Professor
Ph.D. (University of the Philippines, 2010)


Organizational studies; organization communication; public policy; OSH expert; HR expert
Dr. Binghay

Dr. Virgel C. Binghay
Ph.D. (University of the Philippines, 1996)


Human resource development; total compensation; strategic employee benefits; performance management; organization and management; organization and work; corporate planning; competency-based system
Dr. Cabegin

Dr. Emily Christi A. Cabegin

Ph.D. Economics (University of the Philippines, 2003)


Labor/Human Resource Economics, Econometrics, Research Methods, Health Economics; Demographic Economics; Labor Economics; Econometrics

Dr. Lambregts
Dr. Bart Lambregts
Visiting Professor (July-August 2014)
University of Amsterdam
Kasetsart University, Bangkok
Ph.D. in Human Geography (University of Amsterdam, 2009)
MSc. in Urban Planning (Delft University of Technology)
Local impacts of services outsourcing and offshoring in the Philippines, India and Thailand; Globalization, services and urban transformations; sustainable urban mobility; urbanization and climate change.
Dr. Mahy

Dr. Petra K. Mahy
Visiting Professor (July-August 2013)
University of Melbourne, Australia
Ph.D. (Australian National University, 2012)


Comparative labor law; Comparative Corporate Law; Comparative Law in Asia; Informal Labour Regulation; Legal Anthropology
Dr. Ofreneo
Dr. Rene E. Ofreneo
Professor Emeritus
Political economy; political policy; labor relations; developmental economy; human resource development; green jobs
Dr. Scherrer

Dr. Christoph Scherrer
Visiting Professor (April-May 2015)
University of Kassel, Germany

Dr. habil. (political science, Berlin)
Dr. phil. (political science, Frankfurt)
M.A. economics (Frankfurt)

Trade and Labor; Financial Crisis and Inequality; and Investment and Trade Agreements and Labor Relations
Dr. Serrano
Dr. Melisa R. Serrano
Ph.D. in Labour Studies (University of Milan, 2012)
Master in Labour Policies and Globalisation (University of Kassel/Berlin School of Economics, Germany)

Non-standard and precarious employment in ASEAN and East Asia; union renewal; informal economy and micro and small enterprises; alternatives to capitalism; trade unions and social movements; comparative (ASEAN) industrial relations; wages and productivity in the Philippines; solidarity economy; social security; agrarian reform
Prof. Tolentino

Prof. Maria Catalina M. Tolentino
Associate Professor
Ph.D. units in Communication (College of
Mass Communication, U.P.D.)
Master in Asian Studies (Asian Center, U.P.D.)


Research in labor and industrial relations; theories in organization and work; informal sector issues; social security issues; small and medium enterprises studies
Dr. Xhafa

Dr. Edlira Xhafa
Visiting Researcher (Aug 2013 - Jan 2014)
Ph.D. in Labour Studies (University of Milan, 2012)



Research (both qualitative and quantitative) in the following study areas: post-capitalist alternatives, solidarity economy, public services, health politics, Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Public-Public Partnerships (PuPs), informal economy, public sector unionism, trade unions in transition countries, women and gender issues in trade unions, issues of representation in micro and small enterprises (MSEs) and workplace issues of seafarers.
Masayoshi Okabe

Dr. Masayoshi Okabe
Senior Lecturer, SOLAIR (Aug 2019 - Dec 19)
Visiting Research Fellow, SOLAIR (Jan 2017 - present)
Overseas Research Fellow, Institute of Developing Economies (IDE-JETRO), Japan
Ph.D. (University of Tokyo, Japan, 2019)
M.A. in Human Security Studies, with honors (University of Tokyo, 2011)


Development Economics; Education and Development; Economics of Education; Economics of Gender; Household Economics; Gender and Educational Development; Poverty; Educational Policies; Labor Economy; Human Capital; Human Development; Rural Economies; Philippines; Southeast Asia; Developing Economies; Econometric Analyses; Mixed-method Studies; Area Studies